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AKRDC v3.1.0 user guide
Remote control session

Remote control session.

Tap on the site's preview or on the text on its right to open the site's menu: 



Click on the Connect button to connect to your VNC server. If connection and login information are correct, the control session windows opens:

Zoom +/- :
makes the view to zoom in/out.

Keyboard: toggle the keyboard visibility. Depending of the VNC server implementation and the OS behind, it is possible that some chars are not sent correctly ...

Quick keys: opens a tool bar that allows to send usual function keys like TAB, ENTER, ESC F1, F2 etc ...

Fast Keys: proposes to send quickly usual CTRL + [key] like CTRL C, CTRL X, CTRL ALT DEL etc ...

Mouse buttons: shows how screen taps have to be interpreted

Refresh: force the VNC server to refresh the entire screen : useful while using the 'Visible Region' screen update method. Also, if a memory exception was raised, this feature allows to re-update the entire screen.

Device files transfer: opens the files transfer window from your device files system (to send files to the VNC server).

Remote files transfer: opens the files transfer window from the VNC server's files system (to retrieve files from the VNC server).

If the files transfer is not available, an information message is displayed. 
Mouse emulation 
Choose from the Mouse buttons which physical button has to be emulated (left click for example) then:

  • Simple tap: emulates mouse click
  • Long click: emulates a mouse down (for capturing a scroll bar or a window title bar for example)
    • Move your finger to make the cursor to move
    • Up your finger to emulate a mouse up
  • Double tap: emulates a double click
  • device's VOLUME key: emulates the wheel up/down


Menu / back buttons 

  • The menu button displays the view menu
  • According to your current configuration, the back button:
    • asks to quit the current session or,
    • emulates the Escape Key (default)


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