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AKRDC v3.1.0 user guide

AKRDC user guide 


The user guide is under construction, do not hesitate to contact if you have any question. 

You can also ask your questions on 


AKRDC is a Remote Desktop Control software compatible with the RFB protocol (a VNC Client). 


The application is developed by ANYKODE, a French company. 


AKRDC is tested with several VNC servers like TightVNC, UltraVNC, RealVNC (without encryption), X11VNC (without encryption), Ubuntu Remote Desktop (and some other servers ready with the RFB protocol...) 



  • English, French, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean (please contact us if a translation is not good)

Files Transfer for TighVNC and UltraVNC (and X11VNC in UltraVNC mode) servers only right now:

  • Transfer (download and upload) files and complete directories structure.
  • Compressed files transfer stream (akRDC PRO only).
  • Compressed directory files list (with TightVNC server, akRDC PRO only)
  • Create / Delete directories.
  • Delete files.

Function keys:

  • 3 buttons mouse (tap)
  • Mouse wheel emulation (VOLUME up/down keys)
  • Drag&drop (long tap)
  • Double click (double tap)
  • Keyboard, quick keys (CTRL C, CTRL V, CTRL ALT DEL ...)
  • Special keys (F1, F2, ESC ...)
  • Zoom
  • Network band optimization
  • Configuration Import / export
  • Supports UltraVNC repeater/proxy in mode 1

RFB Protocol implementation:

  • supports TIGH, RAW, COPYRECT, RRE, HEXTILE and ZRLE encodings
  • VNC password (DES encrypted authentication)
  • MS-Logon authentication ( for UltraVNC server)
  • Ultra VNC proxy / repeater in mode 1


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